Patient pathway

Sample journey for a patient experiencing limb reconstruction surgery and the fitting of a Taylor Spatial Frame (TSF). 


  1. Referral to KCH Limb Reconstruction Unit (LRU).

May be by:

  • GP
  • Consultant from another hospital
  • Consultant within KCH

2. Patient contacted by KCH LRU.

  •  Patient is contacted by specialist nurse within KCH LRU to arrange a first appointment
  • May be a hospital-to-hospital transfer if already an in-patient elsewhere

3. Assessment by LRU team.

  • Seen in clinic by consultant
  • Meet LRU team
  • IMPARTS assessment
  • Initial treatment plan discussed
  • Possible other investigations arrange

4. Emergency care

  • Arrangement for admission to KCH for surgery


4. Planned care

  • Return to LRU with results of investigations
  • Treatment plan discussed
  • Patient questions answered
  • Introduction to REBUILD charity support