Billy's Story
So many things we used to do as family had to stop


My Mummy hurt her leg and had to wear a frame for a long time. While she was in hospital, it was very strange because Daddy had to take time off work to take my sister and me to school, and so many of the things we used to do as a family had to stop. I was four and my sister was six.

We had to get an au pair when Mummy came home because she couldn’t stand to cook, and I have to eat four times a day. Sometimes it was fun to have an au pair as she helped us to get out and about while Daddy was with Mummy. But sometimes it wasn’t fun because Mummy couldn’t play with us unless it didn’t involve moving. 

Mummy wasn’t very happy at the time because she wasn’t doing anything interesting and because her leg often hurt and she could not move it easily. Daddy found it hard because he had to miss work a lot to look after us all.

The best moment was when the frame came off – we went to a lovely restaurant and stayed up very late.