David's Story
"I am grateful for every step I take."

On 14 January 2007 I hit a road sign at 60 mph on my motorbike. According to the discharge notice I suffered: multiple facial fractures – Lefort III, crushed T4, 5, 6, spinal cord contusion, pulmonary contusions, small splenic laceration, # L 5th and 4th MC distal phalanx, L tibial #, undisplaced, ruptured ACL with distal avulsion #, MCL L knee.

I’m not sure what all that means, but I can tell you that I have five metal plates in my face, I get a bit of back ache and I’m about an inch shorter than I used to be.It’s not the big things that have caused the biggest problems for me. Despite breaking most of the bones in my face and breaking my back, it was a clean break to my tibia and twisting my knee that kept me in a wheelchair for 18 months.

Due to nerve damage around my knee, I was unable to move my foot or put it flat on the floor. My achilles tendon was released and I had a Taylor Spatial Frame (TSF) fitted. The frame was used to move and hold my foot in the right position so I could put it flat on the floor. The limb reconstruction team at King’s College Hospital made it possible for me to walk through the use of a TSF.